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The first 10 minutes are free in all our car parks*, and the first 3 hours are charged at the same rate in all the parking areas. What's more, if you park directly at the airport you won't need a shuttle service and you'll know your keys are in good hands: your own!

The Verona airport offers four different parking categories designed to meet the different needs of the airport's users, which are colour coded for easy recognition. Each parking category has an assigned rate, and includes various parking lots:



STOP & GO - Short stops Departures/Arrivals

Parking areas located close to the terminal, ideal for dropping off or picking up passengers, and for stays of up to three hours.

Premium - Convenient parking within easy reach

The premium rate is applied in parking lots P1 and P2, adjacent to the Departures Terminal, which are ideal for those who have no time to lose or prefer covered parking 

Medium to Long Stay - Where time costs less

Includes parking lots P1bis, P2bis, P3 and P4, which are located at a short distance from the Terminals. Recommended for medium to long term parking. Thanks to our pricing agreements with major tour operators and travel agencies, this category is ideal for vacationers.


Long Stop Media covered : many benefits in one park , covered seats bookable online
We kindly inform you that P4BIS will be available from April the 1st

Low Cost - Affordable parking within reach

This is the airport's most affordable parking lot, just a 6 minute walk from the Terminals.


Covered parking available for season ticket holders only, just a short walk from the terminal. quick access from the road, so you can park in your own reserved space all year, or for the duration of the season ticket. for information and rates, write to

Unattended parking

The Verona airport assumes no responsibility for any damages, losses and/or thefts that may occur in the airport's parking lots.